Monday, April 10, 2017

LaFollette Walkovers and Open Doors

Thomas emailed out a list of youths who signed up for the Chicago City-Wide Tournament (which takes place this week).  Two of the kids signed up at LaFollette who are with Derek's North Lawndale Boxing League -- Blake and Porsche -- were listed as walkovers.  They didn't get fights, so they won by default.

If Ariel had shown up to train more often, she could have been paired with Porsche.  That ship has sailed, along with my chance of seeing any part of the Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament this year.  This was the first time in about 14 years that I missed going to the fights.  I never made it to either John or Michael's bouts (and unfortunately, they both lost), and I had no one in the competition from my gym.  Hopefully, the Chicago Park District boxing shows will turn out better.

In another bid to keep the destructiveness of the summer camp kids from touching the gym at LaFollette, I sent an email to Steve today requesting that the kids go to another room to get their snacks while camp is in session.  I'm still trying to put together a senior aerobic boxing class for the summer.  The last thing I or the seniors need is summer camp kids ripping and running in the gym and trashing it.  The boxing program has been running for nearly three years now; it's long been time for the summer camp kids to stop using that room.

Late last week, I found my office/equipment room door standing wide open.  No one knew who had been in there.  In the email, I also asked Steve to remind those who have keys to that room to keep it locked.  Summer is coming and brings a lot of people into the field house who are just roaming around.  I can't run the boxing program if a majority of the equipment comes up missing.

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