Friday, August 22, 2008

Freeze Out

Barry told me yesterday there's a hiring freeze at the Chicago Park District. Earlier in the day, I saw that Steve's job was no longer listed among the open positions on the park district's web site. I assumed they had begun the hiring process. I hadn't been called, but that was okay. I just want the adult boxing gym to re-open. Little did I know what was really happening. It's anybody's guess as to when the adult boxing program will resume.

It's been a couple a months, and I'm concerned about having been away from the gym for so long. I could go sign up for boxing at one of the other fieldhouses that offer it. However, Loyola Park is the closest one to me. Public transportation being what it is, makes it damn hard to get around anywhere else these days. Now that I've been working part-time at my church -- which I can walk to -- I have little patience for trains and buses.

I plan to check out the Chicago Boxing Club this weekend, but I already know my limited budget can't cover their fees. Honestly, signing up for boxing at another park district fieldhouse would also put a bit of a strain on my budget.

I'm at a loss as to what to do right now. Regardless of the fact that I'm not allowed to compete, I would still like to do the workout. I also need to be plugged into the Chicago boxing community so I can go for my amateur coach's license. I don't want to give up boxing completely because of current circumstances.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Punches

The American boxing team hasn't been doing very well in the 2008 Olympics. Part of the problem is the scoring process. The same process was used at the World Boxing Championships back in October of last year. It seems to be highly restrictive. The referees were stopping the action for every and anything. It didn't make for a lot of exciting bouts.

I read where there is a push to have women's boxing at the next summer Olympics. They should have been included in this year's events, as far as I'm concerned. Seems like every time I have turned on the event, diving, swimming and volleyball have been featured (boxing is regulated to 2 or 3 in the morning). I have much respect for Michael Phelps, and the American women's volleyball players who won a gold medal last night (playing in the rain, at that), but it would be nice to see boxing, even if it has already happened, earlier than the wee hours of the morning.

All the talk about MMA vs. boxing is kind of silly right now, seeing how boxing is an Olympic sport. I like MMA, but I doubt that sport will ever be considered for inclusion in the Games. Boxing still has a nobility about it that MMA has yet to acquire.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Slow Going

Steve sent his new contact information to me the other day. He stated that Buffalo, NY appears to be a very charming, at least in the summer.

Which I could say the same for Rogers Park, which has experienced a run of street fights all summer long. I saw one in the middle of the street a couple of weeks ago, down the way from a new field house that just opened on Howard Street. Yesterday, I got to work (I've been bumped up to part-time church secretary for the moment), and the custodian pointed out gang graffiti that had been placed on the side of the church, on someone's car nearby, and the apartment building just south of the church.

I called Graffiti Blasters to come clean it off. No telling when they will show up. They'll probably act faster than Alderman Moore's office will. Pastor, who has no love for the alderman, asked me to call there. I was switched to the voice mail of a staffer who has yet to get back to me about the problem.

Still no word from the Chicago Park District about the boxing coach job at Loyola Park. The adult boxing program has missed a lot of opportunities to appear at Park District and outside boxing shows this summer. The Park District boxing shows continue until the beginning of December. Even if the program reopens for the fall, there may not be any fighters ready and available to participate in the shows that are left.