Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Four For Spring

Abrahant and Itzcoatl showed up about twenty minutes late on this first day of the spring session.  The two brothers and their father said the bus bringing the boys home was late.  "Okay, I understand being late.  What I don't want is people showing up one day then missing the next several days," I told them.  Alyssa and Mia were late, too, arriving with their mother about ten minutes after the boys did.

Despite that, the class was pleasant.  The kids seemed eager to learn, and I made the decision not to show them everything on the first day.  Today we went over the one-two combination (jab, right) and basic footwork.  Tomorrow, I'll introduce the hooks, and the day after that, the uppercut.  No sparring until next week and the kids will have to buy mouthpieces unless I either find some in another storage room in the field house or the ones I requested to be ordered come in.

I distinctly remember telling Ariel that today was the first day of the spring session after she erroneously showed up last week. Considering that Porshe can only come to the gym one or two days out of the week, neither need to miss out on catching each other.  No teens showed up today.  Ariel and Porshe don't know it yet, but unless some more teenage girls sign up for the class, they are going to have to be each other's main sparring partner for the entire session.

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