Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Yawning At The End

Earlier this month, I received a surprise visit from Doneisha and her son Tony.  Tony was in the boxing class about a couple of years ago; these days, Tony is in military school.  He's doing well.  His mom is thinking about returning to boxing herself to get some exercise.

This month has mostly been quiet.  I don't have the gym open during the breaks, not even during this one which is the longest of the year.  I always need to decompress, especially after this recent fall session.  Dealing with Caiden, Keon, and Kevin's attitudes was NOT the highlight of that session.  I keep checking the roster on the computer and hoping they haven't changed their minds and decided to sign up for class again.  So far, so good.

As usual, my supervisor has expressed concerns about the low numbers in the youth classes.  Only Elijah, his sister Jazzmyne, and Richard, another kid who used to be in the class a couple of years ago, are registered.  I found some old registration forms to use because I'm not leaving in the middle of classes to sign up anyone for class. The usual habit of most is to not sign up until the second or third week of class.  I've learned that people aren't thinking about signing their kids up for extracurricular activities during the holiday season. 

Another reason for not leaving the class to register people is that I don't have Sahia in the gym to watch when I have to step away.  She's been gone due to a family medical situation since mid-summer.  I'm beginning to have my doubts that she will be able to return.  My supervisor gave Rick, a former boxing coach, a volunteer application when he noticed Rick was showing interest in hanging around the gym.  There was some resistance on Rick's part about filling out the form.  Now I haven't seen nor heard from Rick in weeks.  I left a voice message for him, but I didn't receive a return call.

I'm not making any predictions for the year 2020.  There are too many improvements that need to happen in the boxing program that may not take place - again - next year.