Saturday, November 11, 2017

Hustle At Humboldt Park

Malik was a no-show at Humboldt Park's boxing show, as was Gael.  Mikaela and Noel weren't able to attend.  James had decided that he wasn't going to participate.  So that left Iz and his brother Abrahant.  There was absolutely no one for Abrahant to have a match with among the other fighters who showed up.  Iz had a chance -- twice -- to be paired off with someone.  Unfortunately, it was determined that Iz was too tall and had too much of an arm reach, despite the fact that in comparison to the other boys, Iz had no fight experience.
Iz, Abrahant, and their parents decided to go home.  Tony and his mom were there, but Tony did not opt to fight.  They wanted to watch the show to get an idea of what goes on.  Tony's mom pointed out that Iz, Abrahant, and their parents should have stayed to watch as well.  I agreed, but I had gone through the same thing too many times with other parents.  If their kid has never had a fight, it would be a good idea to check out the fights so they know what to expect if and when they do get their chance in the ring.  Instead, people become discouraged, disappointed, annoyed, etc., and they leave.
I ended up judging again, and Alan acted as a judge, too.  There were eight fights in total.  Tony's mom was surprised that one fight was allowed to go to the end, despite the fact that one boy was bleeding from his nose.  Another fight showcased a boy who had good head movement and footwork.  The boy won, but I wished he had thrown more punches instead of constantly dancing around the ring.  
Harry, a heavyweight, won his fight against another heavyweight named Dominic.  Harry wants to come up to LaFollette and get a workout in.  I told him he could come in on Friday, but I informed him that the field house was closing early due to Veteran's Day.  The gym was open early, but the only class that was going to take place was the one for those twelve-years-old and younger.  Harry didn't make it in, but I hope he comes in soon.
Iz and Abrahant showed up to class a half-hour late as usual.  When they learned the field house was closing a half-hour after their class ended, they wanted to stay for the extra time.  Considering that I had to have time to put away the equipment, grab my things, and lock the gym, the answer was an automatic no. Time management is something the two brothers haven't gotten a handle on yet, and I wonder sometimes if they ever will.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

December Shut Down

James told me, "Miss Hillari, I've changed my mind about Humboldt Park."  I wasn't very surprised when he told me he wasn't going to the boxing show later this week.  James seemed more interested in going just to see friends and relatives who live near that field house.  Neither was I surprised when Gael didn't show up to class.  Gael and his sister haven't been showing up on the days they said they could come to class.  I was surprised when Iz and Abraham said they planned to compete in the show seeing how it didn't appear they had much interest earlier.

I've decided to shut down the gym for the rest of the year on the day after my birthday next month.  For some odd reason, the park district schedules the fall teen and adult boxing classes to end the week before Thanksgiving, and the kids class to end the first week of December.  In order not to confuse anyone and to make things easier for me, I decided to have all of the classes end on the same day.

The idea of fundraising came up again.  But I learned that as an employee, I can't go out with cap in hand to solicit funds.  It works better if it comes from a parent.  Mikaela, Noel, and Shay's mom told me she would like to help with that.  I appreciate that very much.  I don't need much in the gym, but I need what I need.  We're going to talk about it more and see what we can come up with.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Absenteeism and Tardiness Don't Make For A Strong Program

I was surprised when Ben walked into the gym last night.  I thought he and his family had moved out of the area, but they still live near the field house.  Ben plays football, a sport he took up while he was still registered for boxing.  I'm still trying to figure out why Ben wasn't okay with taking punches yet is okay with being tackled on a field.  It was good to see him, however.

Tony's mom pointed out that Gael and Jennifer were standing around instead of working out.  "The girl doesn't seem to be very interested in doing this," she said.  Gael is more interested in boxing than his sister.  At the end of the class, Gael told me he might show up on Thursday.  I'm not betting on that.  Gael and Jennifer are supposed to attend the gym three days a week.  However, they only have been showing up one day a week for the past few weeks.

Iz and Abraham didn't show up again.  No call from them.  I may or may not get an explanation for their absence when they decide to return.  James was talking about everything except boxing, as usual, and I had to keep reminding him to do the next item on the workout list.    A couple of years ago, the adult boxing class was the weakest link in the chain.  Now it's the 8-to-12 year olds' class.

There needs to be a stronger attendance policy.  When the parents of the few kids who regularly attend class start commenting about the chronic absenteeism and tardiness of the other kids in class, it's time for a change.  The numbers in the classes have to be considered, so I can't kick everyone out who consistently slack off about showing up (although I would love to do that).  But unfortunately, I also have to deal with kids who were on the wait list, begged me to get in, and who are not going to class, either. The program suffers constantly because of those factors.