Saturday, October 20, 2018

Possible Neighborhood Boxing

Sahia stopped into the gym with Noel, Mikayla, Richey, and her adorable granddaughter.  As I suspected, Sahia had been out due to illness.  Her whole family, except for the granddaughter, had caught a virus that proceeded to hang on for weeks.  She'll be back in the gym at the end of this month.  I gave her the sad rundown on how the boxing gym has been running since late this summer. 

I've got to think about updating the class flyer for the winter session.  It doesn't have to be tweaked that much.  I am happy to know that some people do see the "boxing is not self-defense, it is a sport" line on the flyer.  I'm wondering should I also ask for more volunteers via the flyer.  Sahia has taken on some extra responsibilities that will cut down on the times she can be at the gym.  Coach James has several volunteers for his football, baseball, and basketball programs.  But then he has no problem finding adults who want to be involved in those sports.  I still consider myself lucky that I have Sahia.

There might be a possibility that I might have the opportunity to run a private boxing class for women only.  It's not set in stone at the moment.  Several women in my neighborhood have expressed an interest in having such a class for fitness purposes.  An affordable place to rent would have to be found.  It has to be in the neighborhood as most of the women have already indicated they want a class close to them.   Enough people would need to be gathered to start the class (and make enough money to pay the rent on the class space).  Equipment could possibly be obtained for a low price or for free.  I would love for that class to happen, so I'm working on that bit by bit.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

And Stuff Just Keeps Happening

Lael was the first one to arrive for class, and I decided to tone down the surly attitude I had with him the day before.  I kept an eye on the clock as it was getting late, and there was no sign of Henry and David.  I was also keeping a watch out for Malik who never keeps track of time as he usually walks into the middle of the youth class.

Julio, with a paper in hand, came in with his sons, Henry and David, behind him.  Lael has made fast friends with David, so they ran off around the gym.  Meanwhile, Henry dramatically removed his jacket.  I gasped loudly.  Henry's arm was in a splint, taped up from his shoulder to his wrist.  "What happened?" I asked.

The boys' father explained that Henry's arm kept hurting, so he took him to the emergency room the night before.  The ER personnel thought that Henry might have a hairline fracture.  The paper in Julio's hand was for a doctor's appointment to further check Henry's situation out.  Julio believes that Henry is going to need a cast.  "I don't need one!" Henry stubbornly said.  I sighed.  "We're not going to Simons Park tomorrow.  Can't take a chance on injuring that arm further," I said.  "But I can take this off," Henry said, indicating the splint.  "If the doctor says a cast has to go on that arm, Henry, you'll have to wear it," I answered. 

While Julio and I were having our conversation, Malik walked in eating something.  An apple, perhaps.  I wanted to talk to Malik separately; I wasn't going to allow him to go to Simons Park due to too many days of training missed.  Malik walked around for a moment.  Seeing how he couldn't interrupt two adults talking, he left.  I was hoping he would return later, but that did not happen.

Could Henry be okay to participate in Hamlin Park's show next week?  Anything is possible, but I'm not placing any bets on that happening.  I'm not going to let Malik go to Hamlin because I'm tired of constantly reminding him that he has to train in order to fight.  The fall session might as well end now.

At least the adult class will be on the schedule for the winter session.  Whether the few who told me they were interested in registering actually do so remains a mystery.  All I know is that I had no interest in expanding the youth or the teen class to 90 minutes to make up for a canceled adult class.  I believe all of the 21 field houses that have boxing programs include an adult class as part of that.  I did not want to be the only field house with a boxing program that did not offer that to adults.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Program Tore Up From The Floor Up

I haven't only heard grumblings from at least one of the parents about the condition of La Follette Park's boxing gym.  I've also heard people wondering, in light of the water damage that is also present, why was the gym re-opened at all.  The general opinion is that the gym should have remained closed until all the maintenance and construction work was completed.  The auditorium floor which is right above the boxing gym has to be replaced due to water damage.  The paint on the ceiling in the gym is still falling onto the ring canvas.  Complaints have continued about how the gym floor looks.  The attendants keep grumbling about who among them is supposed to clean it and how often. 

I tend to agree that perhaps, the gym should have remained closed for the duration. The boxing program has taken a negative hit that it won't recover from, at least during this fall session. The session is just limping along until it ends in early December. 

Henry and David may or may not be able to attend the boxing show at Simons Park this week due to a family medical situation.  Lael doesn't have any interest in fighting; the class is just a time killer for him.  I'll know soon if Henry and David will be able to make it.  If they can't, I might just skip going to Simons Park altogether.  I'll plan for Hamlin Park's show to give Malik another chance.  I can't allow Malik to go to Simons because of the same reason he couldn't go to Loyola Park -- not showing up to train.  It ticks me off that Malik can commit to throwing a ball into a hoop, but has no recognition that boxing is a sport that requires regular practice, too. 

I keep thinking that maybe I should call Ariel so she can explain her continued disappearance in the gym.  I'm owed explanations from everyone else who hasn't been there, too, but honestly, I'm not really interested in listening at this point.  It is not a secret that the park district often acts swiftly to shut down programs that don't appear to be performing well.  There used to be more boxing programs in the field houses.  That number has dropped dramatically especially over the last ten to fifteen years.  What ticks me off is that if La Follette's boxing program is canceled, people will complain because they can no longer participate in it.  I'm guessing some of the ones who don't bother to show up and support it now will among those complaining the loudest.