Friday, October 24, 2008

Clarendon Folds and Loyola Appears To Re-Open

Barry left me a message that the boxing program at Clarendon Park has closed. It's a bit of a surprise, but I can see why. It appeared that not much had been going on with that program for a few years now. Not many boxers seemed to go there to train, either. Barry told me the coach there will work at Loyola Park, but the adult boxing program will be on Mondays and Wednesdays instead of Wednesdays and Fridays.

I'll have to get in contact with both Barry and Mary to find out more details. It's a good thing if that means the Loyola Park adult boxing program will re-open. However, I recently applied for a couple of part-time jobs that take place in the evenings. Due to the fact that unemployment compensation is not going to last forever, I'm not really going to be able to justify turning down a position. If I end up with two jobs, there won't be much time to go to any boxing gym, let alone Loyola Park.

Monday, October 20, 2008

No News Not Necessarily Good News

Nothing much to write about lately, unfortunately. Here it is near the end of October, and the adult boxing program continues to be closed. I keep eyeing a boxing program at Degerberg Martial Arts Academy -- where I used to take boxing before going to Loyola Park -- and thinking about how I can afford that. The standalone program only runs six weeks, however. If you want to go continually, membership in the academy is the way to go. Membership is not cheap, however.

I resumed using the boxing exercise DVDs I have at home. My left shoulder and upper left arm are acting funny again. I'm assuming it's residual stuff from the car accident I had three years ago, plus repetitive movement of throwing jabs for the past seven years. Lifting light weights may help alleviate it a little.

In non-boxing news, the pastor of my church got married over the past weekend. An early report from a church member who attended said that Pastor grinned ear-to-ear throughout the entire ceremony. I laughed about that; it was good to hear.