Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A City-Wide Mix Up

Yesterday, Ariel asked about signing up for the Chicago City-Wide Tournament.  "The registration has passed," I told her.  Besides, Ariel hadn't been around enough so we could make plans to sign up.  Ariel didn't come in today but was hoping that Porsche will come in soon.  Ariel wants to spar on Thursday if Porsche shows up because she's going out of town on Friday.  So it looks as if she'll miss a week of training which is not a good situation.  I have yet to see Porsche spar or fight so I don't know how she'll stack up against Ariel.

Today, Fermin, the coach at Harrison Park, called me, wondering why one of my fighters didn't show up for a match with one of his fighters at the City-Wide.  I believe the fighter was Anthony, who is not one of my fighters, but one of Derek's North Lawndale Boxing League kids who signed up at my gym.  For some reason, I had a feeling that something like this would happen.  "I don't have Derek's phone number, but call Thomas (the head of the boxing program).  He might have his number," I told Fermin.  I was a little irritated to think that people down at the City-Wide probably assumed that one of my own fighters had backed out of a commitment.

Abraham and Itzcoatl have not shown up to the gym since last Friday.  Alyssa and Mia have been gone for longer than a week. David was the only one who showed up.  He wanted to spar but that's not possible when other kids don't keep their commitment to show up to class.  I'm glad I didn't give any mouthpieces out because that might have been a wasteful thing to do.  I've given out mouthpieces to those who dropped out of the class right after they got them.  I've made the mistake of giving mouthpieces to those who said they were interested in signing up and did not, like Jayla, for example. Now I wait a couple of weeks into the session before I give mouthpieces out.  But even that is no guarantee anyone is going to follow through with the class.

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