Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shades of Tyson and Holyfield

Haven't had anything new to post lately due to a) not being able to go to the gym some nights because of my second job and b) now, me being sick with a cold that feels more like the flu.

I was watching "Friday Night Fights" on ESPN2 last week. One opponent decided to bite the other opponent near his shoulder. The camera got a close up of the teeth marks. Reminded me of the Tyson/Holyfield mess where the latter boxer found himself missing part of an ear. It was clear that the guy on "Friday Night Fights" was trying to get out of the fight, but why take that way out? The cops escorted the guy away from the ring and probably down to the station.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Internist's Eye

I didn't know that Keike was an internist, as well as Sol's fiancee. I thought they might have already been married. Sol didn't come in, but Keike did; he took a punch to his right eye last night. I didn't see the punch because I was working on one of the heavy bags. I turned around in time to see him hanging over the ropes. "I'm seeing double," Keike told Coach A and I. I do hope he went to have his eye checked out today.

Coach A told us he had suffered a detached retina once. Luckily, he got medical help soon enough to save his sight. "I get in the ring to work the mitts and things like that, but as for mixing it up in sparring? I'm too old to take those hits anymore," he said.

Oksana wasn't there last night, so I was spared from having my head knocked around. It's my fault, really. I have to practice more at being an inside fighter. I'm too short to fight from a distance.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I sparred with Oksana again last night, and my head was bounced around again. Allen was barking, "Come on, work the jab! You gotta get in there!" I was definately not on my game at all. Halfway through the round, I was tired out. Something told me not to agree to spar, but I did it anyway.

Then I was in the ring with Sol. "Are you hitting with your full strength?" she asked me at the end of our first round. "No," I answered. "Me neither," she admitted. It was a little easier with Sol because she's about the same height as I am. Sol did manage to pop me in the stomach a few times.

I have got to check my gym bag before I leave the house. Got all the way to the gym to find out I had left one of my boxing shoes at home. I was sparring in the ring wearing socks. My mouthpiece wasn't in, either. "Any tips on how to wear a mouthpiece without gagging on it?" I asked Allen. "Try wearing it while working on the bags," he suggested.

I also need to remember to wear my volunteer badge. The park district is cutting down on folks showing up in classes who haven't paid. As a volunteer, I attend the gym for free. However, in order not to get Allen or myself in trouble in case someone shows up to monitor, I need to have the badge on me.