Friday, July 25, 2008

Granddad's Punches

Haven't posted here in awhile, and I apologize to the regular readers about that. Nothing much going on with the Loyola Park Boxing gym, as the adult boxing program is still closed. I did receive a letter from the Chicago Park District stating that I made the list of qualified candidates for Steve's old job. That does not guarantee that I will be interviewed, however.

I often wonder where my maternal grandfather trained when he was a boxer. My mother told me that he regularly trained at a boxing gym located somewhere on Chicago's west side. I have no idea what gym that would have been.

He was planning to be a professional boxer. Then he met my grandmother. After they decided to get married, Granddad hung up his gloves. He didn't believe that being a boxer would pay him enough money to support a family. From what my late uncles told me, Granddad was a good fighter. He taught all of them how to box, and my uncles grew up appreciating the sport.

I've been thinking about doing some research to figure out what boxing gyms were popular in Chicago in the early part of last century.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Looking For A Model

I applied for Steve's old job. Mailed off the application a few days ago. It may be awhile before I hear anything back about it. In the meantime, the adult boxing gym remains closed.

I did stop in the field house last night in the hopes of catching up with a woman who had expressed interest in the gym. She takes another class in the field house. I saw the instructor of that class, who told me that she hadn't been around much. She's a reporter, and she had a big assignment out of town. He told me he would mention that I stopped in when she comes to class again.

She had participated in a modeling competition show that ran on cable TV. Unfortunately, she didn't win. When I run into her again, I'll tell her that she presented herself very well.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Listed Online

Just checked the Chicago Park District's web site, and lo and behold. . .Steve's old boxing coach job is now posted. I'll see if the field house has job applications on hand either on Saturday or Monday, and I'll pick one up. If I run into any of the guys who had expressed interest in the position, I'll tell them about it also.

I was worried that it wouldn't appear until much later. After all, it is now July, and Steve has been officially gone since May. Perhaps the rest of the summer session can be salvaged if some one is hired soon.