Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Winter Session, Take Two

There are now eleven kids in the eight-to-12-year-olds' boxing class.  Too bad only two of them showed up today.  I knew I shouldn't have put out that much equipment, but silly me, thinking that I would have a nearly full class of enthusiastic students.  James did his usual sort of half-way workout, while I worked with Tyler, a new kid.

Maz, Ariel, and Donovan didn't bother to show up for the teen class. I would love to know what excuses they had for not being there. That was not a good way to start the session.

Davonte, a 13-year-old, signed up today, bringing the grand total of the teen class to four people.  Davonte is a big kid who also plays football and baseball.  His mother told me her son has baseball practice on Saturdays, which is fine.  It looks like he'll be in the class most days during the week.  It would be good to have Maz and Donovan work with him, although Davonte would be a better match for Ariel when it comes to sparring.  But Davonte's mother seemed a bit concerned about the boys sparring the girls, so that may not happen.

Jaymerson's mother signed him up again.  I sighed when I saw his name on the attendance list.  But Dwayne, the inclusion aide that assists Jaymerson, told me that the boy is also signed up for swimming.  He can only be in boxing two days a week.  Since Jaymerson is not allowed to spar, I suggested the boy show up on Tuesdays and Thursdays (sparring is on Wednesdays and Fridays).  His sister, Morgan, did not sign up again, but that's no loss.  The girl has no interest in the sport.

My boss told me there's a good chance that I will get most of the equipment that I asked for.  I hope so.  It won't drive more people into the class, but I'll feel better that I have the resources to use.

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