Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lights Out At LaFollette

All the lights were out when I arrived at LaFollette Park yesterday.  It appeared that half of the neighborhood was without power.  Steve had left me a voice mail about coming in two hours earlier to finish up my time sheet, but being the non-cell phone lover that I am, I didn't check my messages.  My boss did not, however, mention that the field house had been without power since noon.

The staff had to contact the parents and guardians to come get their kids.  The kids were littering the main hallway, ripping and running, and making all kinds of ear-splitting noises.  I had a hard time hearing a lot of what Ms. Pousey, who handles the senior citizens' activities had to say.  We were talking about the possibility of having a boxing class specifically for seniors that would start earlier in the day.  At some point, some kid parked themselves next to me on the bench where Ms. Pousey and I were sitting.  They were watching a video on their cell phone, and the volume was turned up as loud as it go.  Another staff person asked the kid, "Could you turn that down -- or off?"  "Yeah," I said sarcastically to the kid, "because that is annoying.  Sorry."  I wanted to add, "sorry, not sorry". Yet another staff person heard me and they laughed.

The work day ended early, so basically, I wasted gas driving to the other side of town only to leave an hour after I arrived.  But I was happy to realize that I may have a solution to kids messing up my gym during the summer.  Last summer, I had summer hours, but fortunately, I was not scheduled to run boxing classes for the summer camp kids.  The seniors could have those hours in the summer before the regular boxing classes begin.  It could be done as an aerobic boxing class.  I think the seniors would like it.

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