Thursday, June 30, 2016

An Evening At The Boxing Show

Thomas and several of the coaches decide on who gets what match in the equipment room at LaFollette Park in the photo above.

I had four guys ready and able to fight at my show today:  Xavier, Jakie, Terrence, and Tayjon.  Many kids showed up with the other coaches, so I just knew all of my guys would get fights.  But after everything was figured out, only Jakie was able to get a match.  The rest will have to wait until next week when we go to Garfield Park.

The coach from Carver Park arrived with several of his fighters. Until today, I don't think I had ever seen anyone fighting at any of the shows I've been to who have come from that park.  The fighters from Carver Park were hungry and ready.  They came all the way from 132nd Street to take care of business.  They won most of the matches -- and there were eight matches -- that they were in.

I was a judge for a couple of the matches; an extra person was needed to do that job, so I gladly filled in.  Now I can add another skill to my boxing resume.

Alan came to the fights, but none of the fighters from Loyola Park attended.  I had agreed to let an exhibition match between John and Rojan take place, but neither of them were able to go.  Alan did help me in the corner during Jakie's fight.

Unfortunately, Jakie's time in the ring ended quickly.  The other guy was taller, leaner, and had a longer reach.  Jakie took too many hits to the head, as the other guy kept breaking through his guard to land them.  Also, Jakie was unbalanced on his feet.  Several times, punches caused Jakie to slip and fall into the ropes.  Pete, the referee, stopped the fight on Jakie.  Jakie was irritated at having to take a runner up trophy.  "I don't accept second place," he grumbled.  I quickly let him know that I wasn't mad because he lost.  "We'll work on what needs to be worked on when you next come into the gym," I said.

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