Wednesday, July 06, 2016

A Heck Of A Good Straight Right

The usual three -- Donovan, Tayjon, and James -- made it to the first boxing class today.  Luckily, I felt relaxed and ready for them because I did not have much interaction with the summer camp kids.  Camp started today, and yes, the summer camp kids are still getting their breakfast, lunch, and snack boxes by traipsing through my gym.

Tayjon and James just aren't picking up the boxing techniques very well.  Once again, Donovan saved the hour by helping to explain things clearer to them.  When his father came to pick him up, I told him how much of a help his son has been to me in that way.  "My wife and I also hear that all the time from his teachers at school about how Donovan is a good leader," his father said.  I also believe that comes from being raised well at home.

Jaelen and Ariel finally returned to the teen class after being AWOL for several days.  Jaelen showed up a bit late.  However, Ariel came in looking dejected and upset.  Her mother told me that Ariel wants to hang out with her friends, but fails to understand the commitment she made to be in the boxing class.  "She has to come to training regularly, especially if she wants to compete in the boxing shows," I told her mom.  Ariel's grandmother was there, too, and I explained to them about how the boxing shows work.

I was holding pads for Ariel later, thinking I was holding them at the right distance.  I told her to do a double left jab and then a straight right.  Her right hand got in too far and my glasses were knocked to the side.  I also took a hit to my eye.  Later, when I was driving home, I noticed the sight in that eye was blurry.  Ariel has a heck of a good straight right.  I'm hoping she sticks around so I can get her matched up in a few of the boxing shows.

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