Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Forcing The Workout

Alan told me, "You need to go to the doctor about your shoulder."  I need to talk to a doctor about my wobbly knees, too.  I'll try to schedule an appointment for next month.  I've become irritated because I can't spar as much as I want.  I had to beg off sparring again down at Loyola Park.

Yet I forced myself to work a little harder during my workout.  I threw hooks and uppercuts harder to the heavy bags, I pushed myself to do footwork and head movement, and I really concentrated on the speed bag.

Kathy sparred with Alan.  As he was suiting up I joked, "You never spar with me anymore."  "I made a promise to your nieces that I wouldn't.  That was about, what. . .two years ago?" Alan said.  Kathy had an inquisitive look on her face, so I had to explain how Jalissa and Erica admonished Alan for bloodying up my nose with an uppercut.

While they sparred, I gave Kathy pointers.  She got Alan a few times -- he had his hands down, and she popped him with her right.  I told her to go for the body just as much as she was going for the head.

Alan also did the in-fighting drill with Ro again.  Sat and Deborah watched from ringside.  "Wow!" the both of them said when that sparring session was over.  "You could do this!" Alan told Deborah, who is close to my age.  "I don't think so," she answered.  "Never say never," Alan grinned.

Some of the Loyola folks may come to my boxing show later this week.  Unfortunately, I have no adults to participate in the show.  Maria, Danny, and Chevon, the only three who have been coming to class, have all missed days of training last week.  Alan would like to have John and Ro do an boxing exhibition match.  We'd just have to let Tommy, the head of the city's boxing program, know.

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