Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The Godfather's Day

Since today was James Brown's birthday, I brought in some CDs of his.  I hoped that none of the kids would turn their noses up and go, "Oh, no!  Old school music!"  They didn't.

The kids are often more observant than I.  TJ noted that Justen only shows up on the days when sparring takes place.  I thought that Justen was doing that; now I know it's true.  The "sparring only" training mentality won't help Justen in a regular match.  At least he lasted a full three rounds this time around.  Justen sparred with Earl.  TJ didn't have a mouthpiece, and Suave had eaten right before he came to the gym.

Ben was the only teen to show up for the next class.  Ben's having girlfriend problems, so it helped for him to take some of his frustrations out on the equipment.

No adults showed up.  Nay usually shows up late, but after waiting 15 minutes after the usual time she shows up, I put the equipment away.  By the time I was finished, if she had walked in, she wouldn't have had that much time to work out anyway.  Doesn't look like I'm going to have any adults competing in any of the park district boxing shows this year.

Some guy came in to ask about when the gym was open.  I gave him the information.  After he left, I wondered how he could have missed the schedule which is posted on the outside gym door.  Then I wondered if the guy could have been one of X's friends that he was going to send down to the gym.  Good thing I emphasized that the adult class has a fee.  I'm not interested in having another frustrating conversation with another man who wants to come in my gym and do whatever he wants.

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