Saturday, May 07, 2016

Saturday's Slugging

Only Suave and Brenan showed up.  Brenan was hesitant about sparring, but he suited up anyway.  Both boys did better than usual.  Suave kept his head up, and kept his hands up most of the time.  Brenan was still running from Suave, turning his back, and not keeping his left jab out there.  But Suave did catch a couple of shots to his middle and his chest from Brenan.

I was glad that Brenan did not have another bloody nose.  His mom asked what footwork her son should work on to prevent running from an opponent.  I suggested that Brenan learn to cut off the ring so his opponent can't move.  There were several times when he could have easily backed Suave into the ropes or in the corners.  I work on footwork with Brenan sometimes when he's in there, but the boy only comes in twice a week.  However, his mom, and his dad (who teaches martial arts) work with him at home.

Before those two left, I told them it was Free Comic Book Day.  It appeared that neither boy had heard of that event before.  They pleaded with their moms to stop by the nearest comic book shop on the way home.  I stopped at a place myself after closing up the gym for the day.

Terence was the only attendee in the teen class, and it took him awhile to get revved up to do the workout.  I used his cell phone to catch a little of him punching on the heavy bag.  Terence wanted to get an idea of what he needs to work on.  I've noticed that he is very good at slipping punches.  The last time he was in the ring with Xavier, Terence deftly avoided his cousin's punches.

After Terence left, there wasn't a whole lot for me to do, since none of the adult students came in -- again.  The ring nor the exercise mat were not overly dirty, so I didn't run a mop over them.  I decided to wait another week before washing the hand wraps -- not many showed to the gym this past week who used them.  Next week, I'll continue drilling the youths on footwork and defensive moves.  The days are getting closer and closer to the boxing show.

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