Tuesday, May 03, 2016

I Think I Have A Hinge Problem

Kenny works with Kathy on the punch mitts in the photo above.

While I was sparring with Kathy later, I heard Kenny ask Alan, "Hillari's still sparring?  How old is she?"  Alan said, "Uh, I think Hillari is 50-something."  After wards, I told Kenny how old I am, and he did a double take.  "Damn!  That's good," he said.

My left knee was not cooperating while I was sparring.  Ever since I was hit by a car on Clark Street a few years ago, that knee just hasn't been right.  The hinge is damaged.  If only I had gone to the doctor that day. . . .sometimes, people have to learn the hard way that we are not invincible.

John and Jesus sparred.  Ben also sparred.  Alan sparred with Scott, catching him in the face a few times.  One of the punches bloodied Scott's nose.  I wiped the blood off with a nearby towel.  That's been my job a lot lately, at both Loyola and LaFollette -- wiping off blood off of someone.

I'm making a point this month of working on giving hooks to the body.  I seldom use those punches, and I need to do so.  I'm making the kids at LaFollette work on body punches, too.  It's not only in light of the fact that the boxing show is next month, but because I'm tired of the kids always head-hunting and not throwing other punches.  They've got to get in the habit of practicing all of the punches, since they will soon be facing other kids who always use all of their punches.

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