Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Shoulders and Pops

The photo above is of the program for my high school's 40th anniversary.  The celebration was held this past weekend.  For the first time, I drove to the high school.  The entire time I was there, I never knew how to drive.  I took the driver's ed class, but Ma refused to pay for the permit so I could take the range lessons.  She didn't think knowing how to drive was necessary, as she never learned how to drive.  Dad never bothered to teach me how to drive, but he picked on me for not knowing how.  So actually driving up to the school on my own was a big deal for me.

I didn't drive to Loyola Park the other day because it is within walking distance from my house.  Parking is extremely tight in the neighborhood, and driving a short distance just ain't worth me losing a spot when I find one.

Jason, whom I hadn't seen in awhile, was at the gym.  He asked me if any jobs were available at LaFollette Park.  The field house seriously needs another attendant, but I don't know if there is a budget for that position.  I told Jason to check out the park district's web site.

Igor has been MIA for some time.  Alan told me Igor's 90-something-year-old dad passed on recently.  My tolerance for Igor disappeared years ago, but I do feel sorry for his loss.  "I hope he's okay," Alan told me.

Alan gave John and I a bit of a scare on Monday.  John hit Alan in the shoulder during their sparring session.  Alan's right shoulder went pop, and he had to stop.  I was standing on the apron, ready with water and a towel, like I always do when Alan spars with someone.  Alan paced around the ring after being hit.  "It's not dislocated, but it hurts," he told us.

I did not spar because my left shoulder still hurts.  The TENS device that Alicia gave me about three years ago has helped with the pain management somewhat.  But holding punch mitts for people at LaFollette has not helped in the healing process.  I was holding the mitts for Xavier, and I have to steel myself because he hits very hard.  I also held the mitts for Suave, Earl, and TJ.  Jermaine was goofing around as usual, having taken his hand wraps off.  I had to ask that boy several times did he want to do the mitts before I got an answer.  Finally, Jermaine said no.

Jermaine's mother told me her son is going to attend a summer class centered around art and music.  It's just as well, because Jermaine has no focus when it comes to boxing.  Suave plans to do other activities, too, but he will sign up for boxing again so he can have a chance to compete in next month's boxing show.  Earl and TJ aren't sure what they are going to do.  The class is already half full for the summer, so people who want to sign up better figure it out.  I keep announcing that once the summer youth classes are full, I'm not taking in extra people. Twelve in each class is all I can handle, and that's all I want to deal with, period.

Nay showed up to the adult class after having missed several days.  But I appreciate Nay because when she is there, she is focused.  She was the only person who came to the class, and I liked working one on one with her.  I have to remember to remind her to sign up again for summer.  Nick is the only adult who has signed up for the summer so far.  I need more to participate so that the adults have others to work with, and so that I'm not spending the last hour and a half of my workday staring at an mostly empty gym.

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