Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Being a Boxing Chauffeur

Kathy sparred with David last night at Loyola Park.  I told her she looked really tough in the ring, and she said, "I'm trying to do that!"  I scaled down my workout a little, and I was too tired to spar with her.

Hanging around the DMV and City Clerk's office for a majority of the day will do that to a person.  But praise God!  I now am the owner of a car.  I won't drive it Loyola Park because I live within walking distance.  But I will drive it to LaFollette, and I am most glad that my commute time to there will now be cut down considerably.

Another use for the car will be to transport people to the upcoming park district boxing shows.  However, based on the attendance habits of the youth, I'm anticipating some problems.  It's one thing for the youths to consistently show up to the gym late.  It's another thing to be tardy to a boxing show or tournament when the event has to start and end on time.  When I ask someone to meet me at 5:30 because we absolutely have to be somewhere, that does not mean they should show up at 6:00.  I will have left before then.  A lot of the youths may find out the hard way that I don't dig tardiness, especially when my time and now my gas money is involved.

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