Saturday, May 28, 2016

Might As Well Closed Up

I was at the field house, but I never went down to the boxing gym.  As I predicted, no one showed up for class.  On a Memorial Day weekend?  Please. The gym might as well have been closed today.

I opted to stay up at the front desk.  Good thing I did, because several people came in to sign up for the youth summer swimming classes.  Leonard, an attendant, was the only other person at the desk.  Leonard doesn't know how to sign patrons up for classes, and besides, he was busy cleaning the place.

Some teenage girl sashayed into the field house with the sole purpose of peeping out whom was there.  She asked Leonard and I where the pool was.  As she walked towards it, both of us noticed she had no swim wear with her.  She was also eating a bag of chips.  Moments later, having not found anyone she could hang out with, she came back.  "Can I work out in the fitness center?" she asked. "Patrons have to be 16 years and up, and there's a cost to use it," I informed her.  She didn't look any older than 14 years of age.  She stood at the door and peered inside, looking as if she was searching for someone.  Seeing how she wasn't going to get anywhere, she finally switched out of the field house.

This is my opinion:  moms of today don't seem to tell their daughters anything.  I know if I had a daughter that age, she'd have something to do on a Saturday other than roam the streets.  There's always house chores, homework, errands, positive activities, etc.  Too many girls find themselves in trouble with the law, in trouble with characters out on these streets, dealing with unwed pregnancies, etc., and mama and daddy are clueless as to how things got to that point.

Attendance this past week was light in all of the boxing classes.  The spring session ends next weekend.  I feel uneasy about next month's boxing show is going to turn out, and that bothers me.  It seems that I can't depend on most of the current kids to participate, and I don't want to rush the new crop of kids who'll join the summer session into competing.  The equipment I ordered a few months ago still hasn't turned up.  And I have to contend with the summer camp kids which so far, has been a low point.  Summer is always interesting.  At least I can drive back and forth to work instead of putting up with drama on public transportation.

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