Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The Worrisome Kid

There was an episode of "Good Times" where JJ was really getting on the nerves of his dad, James.  James told his son, "Boy, you are some worrisome!"  I was thinking that while dealing with Michael in the gym today.

Michael came in, hopped up to me, and announced, "I'm late!"  He proceeded to spend most of the class fooling around with his hand wraps.  Several times, Michael kept whining, "I can't. . . .I don't know how to do this!"  "Michael, I've already showed you how to do that many times.  I am not going to wrap your hands every time you come in here.  You have to learn how to do that yourself!" I said as evenly as I could.  Yelling and snapping doesn't work with a lot of kids, something I've had to learn the hard way.  I also had to remember how I didn't appreciate either of my parents doing that to me.

However, even after both Devian and David attempted to show him how to wrap his hands, Michael didn't wasn't getting the concept.  Michael kept wrapping his arms instead of wrapping his wrists, wrapping his thumb too many times, etc.  "This is your wrist, Michael," I said in exasperation, as I pointed to it.  "Don't they teach parts of the body in school anymore?"  "No! That's why I don't know," he answered.  I shook my head to myself, took a deep breath, and patiently showed him again.  Michael still didn't get it right.

I had forgotten that David takes swimming class once a week, which is why he wasn't in the gym yesterday.  I was glad to see him.  I was glad to see Dan Jr., too, but unfortunately, his dad neglected to sign him up for the winter session.  I told Dan Jr. to make sure his dad signs him up as soon as possible.  Then Kody strolled into the teen class later.  "Miss Hillari, I have a question.  Can I still sign up for class?" he asked.  "I need your parents' permission.  Ask them to call me or have one of them come here to sign you up," I told him.  Maybe that won't happen, especially after his dad learned how Kody plays in the gym instead of training.

Only Meranda showed up for the teen class.  No sign of her cousin Jaquan nor Derrick Jr.  Her mom asked if she could work out with her daughter due to her own scheduling issues.  Park district won't allow that, so her mom has to figure out what days she can attend the adult boxing class.

No one showed up for the adult class.  But just as I figured, now that the class is not on the schedule for the spring, I'm receiving a lot of inquiries about signing up for the winter class.  I've been telling everyone, "Sign up now, because if it looks like no one is interested, the park district will discontinue the class."  I really want to save that class, but if the adults keep promising to sign up, but not following up on those promises, there's not much I'm going to be able to do.

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