Thursday, January 07, 2016

Boxing Resolutions

I know this is a little late, because I haven't put much interest into making New Year's resolutions for several years now.  However, I've had some things on my mind.

1.  I used to allow extra kids into the youth boxing classes, especially during the summer, even if the classes were already full.   Praise God that the Chicago Park District sent the word out that instructors and recreation leaders can no longer do that.  No matter how much parents beg to put their kid in, I will not bend to pressure.  If that doesn't force most parents to keep up with when registration begins, I can't help them.

2.  I'm going to continue to measure out whom I'm giving my attention to in the gym.  I will bend over backwards to help those who really and truly want to be there.  But those who keep playing around, whose attendance is scattered for no good reason, who aren't self-motivated, etc., I'm not going to put all my energy into trying to keep them focused.  Either they want to be there, or they don't.

3.  I'm not going to make myself crazy by believing that every one who talks about signing up for the gym actually will do that.  Some of the kids have annoyed me with that because they never tell their parents -- whom I must have permission from -- that they want to be in the class.  But they keep whining to me about putting them in.  Many adults talk themselves out of the class with the same breath they've told me that they want in.  "I don't know if I can make that time," is one of the many excuses I keep hearing.  When they actually sign up, then I will take them seriously.

4.  I will continue to put the hammer down on those who aren't in the class, but want to goof around with the equipment.  It took awhile, but fortunately, I have managed to train some not to do that.  Coach James, whose equipment storage area is also located in the boxing gym, has helped me with that as well.  But there's always someone who didn't get the memo, and I will have to check them.

5.  I'm not dealing with those who have problems with a woman being a boxing coach.  The other twenty boxing gyms in the Chicago Park District system are run by men.  The majority of the private boxing gyms are run by men.  People are free to go to another gym if a) they believe I'm not qualified, and b) people have issues about taking orders from a woman.

6.  I'm going to keep training myself, because I need to keep improving my skills in order to teach them to others.  I also need to get my health in order.

7.  I'm going to read more about boxing, attend more live matches, watch more matches on TV, as well as watch the numerous videos of fights and techniques online so I may keep myself educated.

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