Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Winter's New Challenges

Don't get me wrong.  I like Michael, one of the new kids in the gym.  He signed up early, and I allowed him to start training during the break period between the fall and winter sessions.  But does that boy love to run his mouth.  Plus, Michael doesn't listen.  When it comes to putting on the hand wraps, Michael seems to think I'm going to put them on him every time he shows up.  My patience was being tried when he kept saying, "I don't know how to do this," even though I gave very clear instructions about how to use the wraps.  Michael also jetted out of the gym early to go hang out in the game room, which is down the hall.

Outside of Michael, Devian and two new kids, Deja and Terry, showed up for the eight-to-twelve year olds' class.  I was disappointed when David didn't show up. I'm hoping he comes in soon.  That class only has one slot left open before it is full.

I'm already worried about Jaquan, who along with his cousin Meranda, signed up for the teen boxing class.  His aunt Marisha said something about him also playing football as well.  Coach James had suggested that he also participate in another sport in addition to boxing.  If that happens, that'll yet be another kid who won't be showing up consistently in order to learn boxing skills.  As I held pads for them, I noticed that Meranda had more pepper on her punches than Jaquan did.  We'll see how long the interest lasts for the both of them.

There's only three teens in that class so far; Derrick Jr. didn't come in yesterday. I'm hoping he can convince his cousin Kishaun to return as well.

Surprisingly, the adult class showed some signs of life.  There's only two signed up -- Jaquan's aunt and Bridgette.  Bridgette was the only person who showed for that class, and she really liked it.  I was impressed when she told me she had lost 80 pounds doing other exercise program.  "I still have more to go, and I need someone who's going to show me what to do," she told me.

The adult class is still on hiatus for the upcoming spring session due to lack of a high number of participants.  Maybe if I can re-position it as an aerobic boxing class, more people might register.  That may not go over so well with some adults who may be considering competing.  It would attract other adults who don't want to spar and just want to get in shape.

I've been slacking off on exercise these past two weeks, so I plan to work out with the adult class to get back on track.  Whatever I'm telling them to do, I need to do myself.  That also may encourage others to stay in the class as well as encourage their friends and relatives to sign up.

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