Thursday, November 05, 2015

No-Go Boxing Show

I should have paid attention to that little nagging feeling in my stomach that something would go wrong today.  According to the calendar of park district boxing shows, Humboldt Park was scheduled to have a show today.  I got down there and nothing was set up.

I called Tommy, who told me the Humboldt Park show had been canceled.  Fuller Park's show was being held instead.  I trudged back up to LaFollette Park and checked my work email.  There was no notification of that show being canceled.  I didn't get anything on my personal email, either.  It was just as well, because I didn't have anyone who showed any great interest in participating in that show.

Plan B was to salvage what was left of the work day.  A woman who had told me a couple of weeks ago about the son of a friend whom she wanted to get into boxing showed up at the gym.  Her friend's son, a sixteen-year-old with a smart-aleck smirk on his face, swaggered into the gym behind her.  "Here we go," I thought to myself.  I had already been told that the kid was a discipline problem at home and at school.  But after talking to the kid, I saw something there that I could possibly work with.  The fall teen boxing class is actually ending this month, not in December as I thought, so the kid will have to wait until January to join the class.  He wondered if there will be others in the class.  I couldn't give him an answer on that one.  But I hope attendance in the teen class picks up in the winter.

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barry levy said...

Its to bad you where not informed it was one of Best Shows they where giving the winners a pair of Boxing Gloves other participants received a pair of hand wraps and mouthpiece with a case these items came in a park district back pack Well Carver Brooks and Scottsdale are the remaining shows