Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Sparring Time With The Girls

The boxing gym at LaFollette was very quiet yesterday.  Only the teen class had any activity.  Darlene, Ben (BJ), and Aylah showed up.  I did a round robin of sparring with the girls.  Ben opted to just do a workout instead of sparring.

Both Darlene and Aylah were apprehensive.  "No, Miss Hillari is going to beat us!" Aylah said.  "Please take it easy on me," Darlene smiled.  I promised to go light on the both of them.  "I'm not wearing headgear or a mouthpiece, so we're all have to go light," I told them.

I was tapping them while encouraging the girls to take harder shots.  I got a lot of taps in which prompted both girls to say,  "Miss Hillari, you're too fast!"  I did two rounds with Darlene, and one round with Aylah.  Then I had the girls spar each other.  Aylah is short and petite, so I advised her to throw more body punches at Darlene.  I told Darlene, who is taller, to keep the shorter girl away with her jabs.

It appears that De-Fetrick has effectively closed the door on himself.  The fact that the athletic cup he used at the Simons Park show hasn't been returned on top of De-Fetrick's lack of sportsmanship that day has forced me to deny him back into the gym.  If he shows up anytime before this fall session ends, I will also inform De-Fetrick that he can't sign up for the boxing program ever again as long as I'm the coach in that gym.  I've been tired of people thinking they can do whatever in the program, and I will make an example of De-Fetrick to prove to everyone that is not the case.

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