Monday, November 09, 2015

The Guys' Turn To Spar

Lots and lots of sparring went on at Loyola Park.  Most of the guys there sparred; none of the women did.  Unlike last week, I resolved not to be tempted to spar.  I sparred seven times last week, at both Loyola Park and LaFollette Park. My middle-aged frame needed to cool it.

Matthew and Alan sparred.  Matthew also sparred with Leon.

Connor and Professor sparred.

Tony, Leon, and Minh on the gym floor.  Minh sparred with Alan.

Gabe came in, looking well.  He had been working in Hawaii for a few years, and now he's back in Chicago.

Gabby and David watch the action in the ring, while Erica works the heavy bag. David had sparred, too.  The gym was fairly crowded, and a good workout session was had by all.