Sunday, March 29, 2015

Structure In The Gym

Shah and Dani came in on Saturday, and I was glad to see them.  I sure wish I had more kids like them in the gym.  They have been showing up mostly every day, they follow the gym routine, and their parents are interested in them participating in the program.  Best of all, neither of the girls are discipline problems.  I was able to get them to do a little light sparring.  Hopefully, they'll want to spar again next week.

It took awhile for me to figure it out, but the youths need structure in the gym.  Finally, I have a written gym routine on the bulletin board.  Some kids, unfortunately, are dead set against following what has been set in place.  Those are the kids who I have make phone calls to their parents along the lines of, "I don't think boxing is a good fit for your kid."

LJ and his brother Marq came in the gym and got yet another registration form.  I've grown weary of them telling me they want to learn how to box, but not following through.  Shah and Dani are their cousins, and LJ was teasing them.

Suddenly, LJ turned on Marine, declaring several times, "I want to fight you!" Marine was wary, but he didn't snap back on LJ.  I watched the scene closely in case it got heated.  It is so hard to get most of the kids to stop equating boxing with street-fighting.  I believe that LJ has some talent, but I've got to get his mind right.  That is, if LJ ever commits himself to actually sign up for the gym.

The adult class, when it begins this summer, will be easier to run.  Once adults are shown the basics, then it is up to them what they want to get out of the workout.  In other words, I can leave them to their own devices for the most part. There's less hand-holding when it comes to adults.

No word yet on when the new ring will be installed, nor whether I'll get the heavy bag stands I need.  If I had thought when I initially put in an order for equipment, I would have requested a Bob the boxing bag (shown in the photo above). Questions about putting another Cobra bag in the gym come up, mainly from the kids who misused and broke the last bag.  Bob will be a better substitute, I believe, and it'll be harder to destroy.  Eventually I will get one in the gym, but I'll have to push for it.

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