Thursday, April 02, 2015

The All Girl Gym

There's a side door right up a short flight up steps from the gym.  I'm assuming that's how a guy got into the field house and wandered into the gym the other day.  Shah and Dani were in the middle of their warm up when they saw the guy go into the women's washroom.  I became concerned because I thought Angel was in there (she wasn't).  None of the boys came in at all.

"Hey, man. . .the men's washroom is on the other side of the gym," I said when I walked into the washroom.  "Uh, I just couldn't make it over there in time," was the reply.  "Next time, other side," I curtly said before walking out.  A few moments later, the guy roamed through the gym and went into the men's washroom.  I noticed that the guy was looking a little too long at Shah and Dani, who are 11 and 12 years of age.  When the guy came back out, the staring at the girls continued.

"Will I have to put my hands on someone today?" I thought to myself as the guy approached me.  He asked a question about when boxing class takes place.  I quickly informed him there was no adult class at the moment, and then gave him a look indicating that our conversation was over.

The next time in the gym, Dani came in, but her sister Shah did not.  Star, a new student, came in.  Once again, no boys came in to train.  I sort of left Dani to her own devices, except when we did pad work.  I went over footwork, head movement, and jabs and rights with Star.  Later, I answered both girls questions about the upcoming park district boxing shows.  I'm not sure if any of the girls want to compete.  Star gave me the impression that she doesn't want to spar.  I already promised the girls' moms that their daughter do not have to spar if they don't want to do so.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm showing the few kids who show up to the gym the same things over and over.  The truth is, boxing can be "the same old, same old" at times.  I see that more now that I'm a coach.  The workouts don't have to be the same each time, but it's hard to mix things up without having all the equipment that is needed.  Youths need to be kept busy and engaged regardless of the activity in which they are involved.  Hopefully, I'll get more of what I need soon.

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