Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Solved Mystery

The other day, I arrived at the gym to find the only new equipment that was left was the pieces of the new ring that will be installed.  The other equipment -- gloves, mouth pieces, etc. -- was gone.  I assumed that Tommy had taken it on to other gyms that had also ordered equipment.  Come to find out that staff at LaFollette had moved it into another room, locked it, and forgot to tell me.  So I was able to pull out the rest of the equipment I needed.  I'm still waiting on stands to put up the light and heavy bags, however.

Lo, and behold, here comes Talky, Tough, and their brother TI.  They are moving soon, but will remain in the neighborhood.  "After we move, we'll only be able to come to the gym on Saturdays," Talky informed me.  None of them train as it is, and showing up once a week certainly isn't going help them learn the sport properly.  TI was very interested in the list of park district boxing shows that I have posted up.  However, I have no plans to put TI in any of the boxing shows unless TI takes training seriously.

Tough has an annoying habit of "helping" whenever new kids arrive in the gym.  I have two new girls, one eleven, and one twelve.  While I was given them an orientation, Tough was also giving instructions as if she was the coach.  However, since she hardly trains and doesn't show up to the gym half the time, she not qualified to give out information.  After a few times of me telling her "excuse me, I'm talking", and then me straight out ignoring her, she finally got the hint and shut up.

Tough claimed that I never showed her how to do an overhand right.  I corrected her real fast, pointing out that I showed her and Talky how to do that a long time ago.  I also told her that if she would have trained consistently, she would not have forgotten how to do it.

Angel has become a good help to me in the gym.   She's also harder on the kids who consistently play around than I am.  When those kids give her an attitude, I back Angel up.  Ninety-nine percent of the time, Angel is correct.

I also have backup from Coach J, the football/basketball/baseball coach.  He came in the gym the other day to sign up another new kid for the spring session, 14 year old TR.  Coach J walked in the gym just as some of the kids were acting up and showing out.  He told me in front of them, "Any of these kids get out of line, send them to me."

TR just might be a good prospect.  He told me, "I can't wait to box."  We went over the basic stance, and jabs and rights.  I'm beginning to see more kids like him who come in the gym and actually want to learn.  If I had classes full of youths like that, it might be easier to nullify the few kids who don't or refuse to have the dedication.

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