Friday, March 13, 2015

One Kid For The Show

I got a ride to the weigh-in for the City-Wide Boxing Tournament, but that ride came too late for Marine and his brother Curly.  Transportation came available later than we all thought it would, and the two boys didn't want to go.  They said something about going to the movies.  I was a bit ticked because I had told the boys for days that the weigh-in was taking place later in the day.  Marine and Curly never seem to be available later in the day, but that's when most of the boxing events take place.  Tommy, the head of the park district's boxing program, told me there would be another weigh-in day scheduled right before the tournament.  If Marine and Curly can't make that one, I have a feeling they may not be able to participate in any of the boxing events.

Angel couldn't go because her little sister was participating in another activity at the field house.  "I thought the weigh-in was going to be here," she said.  I had said all along that the weigh-in would be at a south side field house.  Tough and Talky had a soccer game to play, and gymnastics afterwards.  I wasn't going to allow T1 to go because of his attitude with me last week.  I learned from T1's mom that TI brought home a dismal report card.  Her son may not be able to participate in any park district activities until those grades improve.

I do have one kid in the tournament, a new boxer named DJ.  We don't have much time to train before the tournament takes place, so we have to hustle.

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