Sunday, March 08, 2015

Crossing Lines With Me

T1 crossed a line last week.  After having not been in the gym for weeks because of playing basketball, TI showed up wanting to spar.  T1 sparred with Ja, a new kid, and proceeded to play bully.  There were deliberate actions on T1's part to try and knock Ja out instead of working with him to improve boxing skills.  I have to give Ja credit because he stayed in, even after TI popped him in the face several times.

Curly got into the ring, and T1 really decided to act out.  TI kept backing into the corners and sitting on the ropes.  Then the kid kept sliding and falling to the canvas, but Curly wasn't hitting that hard.  "Come on," Curly finally said in frustration in reaction to T1's actions.  T1 kept laying and/or kneeling on the canvas many times, playing around.  TI started to whine about Curly and make excuses.  I didn't want to hear it. The last time it happened, I told T1, "Either get up off the canvas and spar or get out of the ring.  Those are your choices."

TI got up, snatched his gloves and hand wraps off, threw them to the floor, and stomped out of the gym.  Later, I learned T1 lied on me, saying I kicked him out of the gym.  Curly told me, "I think TI has quit boxing for good."  I wish.  I'm tired of T1 and his sisters' antics.  As far as I'm concerned, T1 is not allowed to enter the upcoming City-Wide Boxing Tournament.  I'm not going to tolerate any attitude problems.  I've long been tired of T1 trying to give orders in the gym.

I already told Tough and Talky that they need to stay at the field house (or at home) on the day of the weigh-in for the tournament.  Neither one of them wants to fight, but they want to hang out and be disruptive.  I need to focus on the kids who actually want to compete, not play babysitter.  I called the kids' home to try to set a meeting with their mother regarding their behaviors, but I have yet to receive a response.

Talky has an annoying habit of bringing her little friends into the gym and telling them they can box.  Tough does this too, but not as regularly as her sister does. Each time I tell her friends not to touch the equipment and to sign up if they want to train.  Then I tell her friends to leave.  You would think that Talky would be embarrassed in front of her friends for giving them wrong information or least, stop inviting them to the gym.  But that's not the case, so the next time it happens, Talky and I are going have a meeting.

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