Monday, March 16, 2015

No Shows and Brand New Stuff

The kid who signed up for the Chicago City-Wide Boxing tournament has been a no-show so far.  I understand that DJ has a habit of fighting in the street.  The football/baseball/basketball coach steered the kid towards the tournament as a way of channeling the boy's habits into positive ones.  But so far, I haven't seen the kid, and time is flying by.  Marine, Curly, and Angel may possibly have another opportunity to enter the tournament.  An extra day may be added for weigh-ins, but DJ is the only fighter I have in the tournament as of now.

I've probably repeated this before, but I'm tired of the lack of motivation coming from kids who claim they want to box.  It's like dealing with brides who are in love with the idea of wedding ceremonies, but who have no interest in doing the hard work needed to sustain a marriage.

I opened the boxes that contain the new equipment, with Tough and Talky asking non-stop questions.  At first, I wasn't happy about having to lock equipment up every day.  But now that I've seen the new equipment, I'm glad to put everything under lock and key.  Also, I can control access to it.  I try to only put enough equipment out based on whom I think will show up to the gym.  Of course, if I miscalculate, I can always go in the storage room and bring out extra.  If not, that leaves less equipment out for the kids (and adults, too) who are not signed up for the gym to mess around with.  Seeing how it took so long to get new equipment in, I want to keep the equipment as nice as possible for as long as I can.

The new ring that was delivered is supposed to be for LaFollette.  I hope the installation of it won't mean another long shut-down of the boxing gym.  It's too close to the upcoming regular park district boxing shows to have another major interruption like that.  I can't afford to lose any more kids out of the program, either.

Well, at least the kids I really want to remain in the program.

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