Monday, January 26, 2015

Channeling Ma

I don't like repeating myself.  Furthermore, I don't like repeating myself and sounding like my late mother.  Every day I'm in the gym, the same phrases and statements keep coming out of my mouth.  I long for the day when I won't have to say them anymore, but I seriously doubt that day will appear any time soon.

"Stop leaning on the ropes!"

"Stop playing and do some training!"

"If you all would train instead of play. . . ."

"Don't turn your back on an opponent!"

"Don't sit on the ropes!"

"If y'all do that during a regular match, the referee will stop the fight and give the trophy to the other person!"

"Don't step on the ropes!"

"Don't hit the heavy bags without hand wraps and gloves on!"

"This is boxing, not professional wrestling!"

"This is boxing, not mixed martial arts or the UFC!"

"Y'all have to learn how to wrap your own hands!  I'm not going to do it for you each time y'all come to the gym!"

"There is no open gym!  Sign up if you want to box!"

"I'm trying to run a class.  Those who are not signed up need to leave the gym -- NOW!"

"Don't eat in the gym!"

"Stop using curse words in the gym!"

"Hold that ball!  This is NOT the basketball gym!"

"Y'all have to make up your mind.  Either y'all gonna be in boxing or be in basketball (or whatever other activity the kids have signed up for at the same time they've signed up for boxing)."

"No, I'm not putting another Cobra bag in the gym."

"Buy a mouth piece!"

"Either train or go upstairs!"

"What did I just say?  Did y'all hear me?  Am I invisible?  Am I just talking to be talking?"

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