Monday, January 26, 2015

Can't Do Two Things At The Same Time

Not long ago, someone in the gym asked me where some of the other kids were.  "They're probably in another activity.  I don't know why some people have signed up for multiple things going on at the same time," I said.  Tough, who like her sister Talky and her brother T1, are signed up for many activities gave me some explanation that didn't make a lot of sense nor cut any ice with me.

Is it that some parents don't keep up with their kids' schedules?  One of the reasons why I want to talk to parents before they sign their kids up for boxing is that I need to emphasize that training is a commitment.  If their kids like basketball, cheer leading or whatever else is going on better, then they need to devote their time to that.  I'm not going to be offended.  However, I don't want them in my class if the commitment is not there.  

Running in the gym for ten to fifteen minutes, then telling me, "I'm going to go do something else", has got to stop.  Kids standing around for 30 minutes waiting to spar, instead of training, then having to run off to another activity before any sparring happens -- that's got to stop.  Showing up the last five to ten minutes of class and wanting to stay around an extra 20 minutes (mostly to goof off), after they've spent time in the basketball gym, or in cheer leading practice, or in swimming, etc. -- that's got to stop.  None of the kids who do such things are going to learn how to box properly.

I keep worrying about some kid getting their head handed to them during a Chicago Park District boxing show.  I can hear the kid crying and whining, "I lost," and me trying to keep my voice even as I point out, "Enough training wasn't done in the gym."  Perhaps their parents and guardians, get an attitude with me because their kid got hurt.  It would probably be a parent or guardian who never met me beforehand, but just signed off on the registration form and sent it back with their kid to the field house.

There's a huge possibility that some of the parents put their kids in the boxing class because they saw it was free.  There is a cost for a lot of the other kids' programs, and a free one appeals to many.  I have made it clear that I don't expect all of the kids to show up every day.  They at least have to make up their minds to show up at least twice a week and stay in the gym for the full class.  But I'm not going to make it my problem that boxing doesn't have a ball to throw, hit, or kick.  I can't make it my issue that boxing is not dancing, MMA, or wrestling.  If the kids really want to be a part of it, they'll make the time for it.  Otherwise, the kids are wasting their time, and to be honest, wasting my time as well.

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