Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sparring Last At Loyola

Looks like Justin will have another fight, this time at Seward Park.  Alan's going to try to get Geniece a fight there, too.  If I can make it over there to see that boxing show, I'll go.  Depends on what my schedule will be out at La Follette, where I start tomorrow.  I have to go in early to meet with Dave, the field house supervisor, to work things out.

It was kind of quiet in the gym in the beginning.  Octavio and I were the only ones in the gym until John came in.  Eventually others trickled in.  Josh came in to work out, probably for the last time due to the fact Josh is going to start law school soon.

John and Keith trade jabs in this photo.

John and Procoro (I kept referring to Procoro as Juan -- my bad) face off in the ring.

John gives tips to Geniece while they spar.

Alan put me in with Geniece.  I sure hope she gets a fight at Seward Park.  I feel sorry for the other person who steps in the ring with her.  Geniece's punches are no joke.

I also sparred with Octavio.  I wasn't hitting him hard, but he got me in the ribs with a right.  Then, I was stunned by a jab to my mouth.  Octavio's confidence is growing by the day.

Diana and I pose at ringside in this shot.  She had sparred with John earlier.  Everybody kept telling me it's going to be very different without me being at Loyola.  I'm going to have just as much of an adjustment getting used to La Follette.  Glad that I was around Alan and Steve before him; I'm going to be using what I learned from them at the new gym.

John and I hug after our sparring session, which was the last one of the evening.

I'll probably not have La Follette Gym open during breaks, so I'll be visiting Loyola Park to see people and work out during those times.  Gotta keep up with my original home base!

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