Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day One At La Follette

I met most of the staff at LaFollette Park today.  Steve is the field house supervisor, and he's been there for 13 years.  We talked about ideas on how to promote the boxing class, which doesn't begin until mid-September.  I had suggested giving a flyer to the principals of the closest grade and high schools.  "In all my years here, I learned that if a flyer doesn't go into the hands of the parents, most likely they won't know about what's going on," Steve explained.  That makes sense, so we have to figure out other ways to get the word out.  He gave me my time sheets, and I received a key to the boxing gym.

The equipment room, which is just off the boxing gym, didn't have much.  There were plenty of hand weights, which is a plus.  But there were only three gloves, and two of those didn't match.  A few groin protectors were on hand, but I'm going to need a couple specifically for any girls and women who might sign up for the class.  Two heavy bags that were not hung up were in the equipment room, too, along with a radio and CD player.  Steve told me not to worry about the equipment because he was going to order what was needed. Sherice, another staff member, ordered a catalog from Title for me.

I was assigned a locker in a room off of the swimming pool and inside running track area.  It looks as if it also doubles as a break room for the staff.  When the fall session begins, I'll just keep my gear in there so I don't have to carry it back and forth.  Probably my hand wraps will get the most usage from here on in.  I won't be sparring with kids or teenagers, nor do I see myself sparring much with the adults.

There wasn't much for me to do because the program hasn't begun yet, so I spent time figuring out what else needs to be done with the space.  Steve told me I could decorate, and the first thing I want to do is to update the two bulletin boards in the room.  Some of the information that is already up about nutrition I want to keep.  I need to dig around at home to see if I have any more boxing posters.  I had a lot when I was working at Children's Home and Aid several years ago; the pictures were up on the walls in my office, but I don't know what I've done with them.  Steve also told me the boxing gym was going to be painted soon.

The park outside the field house is bigger than I thought.  There's a track in the back.  Steve runs a walking club in the afternoon, so I joined him and several other people in going around the track.  I needed that exercise.  There's also a water park on the property.

Back inside the field house, I discovered a basketball gym and an auditorium.  A seniors' group in the auditorium was learning a line dance.  There's also an equipment room with some football equipment -- Steve coaches the boys' football team at the park.  A girls' flag football team is being formed as well.

Myisha, another staff member, has the most adorable baby girl who is named Joy.  I had my camera with me, but I didn't think to keep it with me to take pictures.  I sure would have gotten a few photos of Joy. She's four months old with big brown eyes and a very happy disposition.

I'll have to go to an employee orientation next week.  From what I know of working for the park from Alan, Jilberto, Mary, Louis and others at Loyola Park, I may already know most of what will be talked about in the orientation.

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