Monday, August 11, 2014

Long and Short of Sparring

Justin did have a fight at Sheridan Park last week, but Justin didn't win.  "My girl said I won, Alan said I did good, even the referee thought I won.  So what does that tell you?" he told me while we waited for Alan to get to the gym.  When Alan got there, we all learned that the guy Justin faced was several pounds heavier. Justin said he was going to train harder because he wants a rematch.

Ken sparred with Justin, and had his hands down too much.  Then Nick sparred with Justin and kept putting his head down whenever Justin came in with a barrage of punches.  Alan was shaking his head a lot as he watched the action.  Most of the instructions were given to Nick and Ken as to how to deal with Justin's punches.  Nick caught a hard jab, and Ken caught a hard right.

Jesus and Juan sparred, but briefly.  Juan got tired easily after pressure was put on him.

Diana and Melinda had a short sparring session, too.  Melinda caught a jab in the middle of her face, and she returned fire with a heavy right.  It rocked Diana, and she had to stop and gather herself.  Diana wondered why the hit was so hard.  Melinda explained that she just returned the force that she had been given.  No malice intended.  Melinda and I explained that happens a lot -- both parties go light until someone decides to hit hard, then it's on.

Melinda also sparred with Jesus, who was very good at slipping and dodging her incoming punches.  I kept telling her to get close enough to land some punches.

Octavio sparred with Jesus, and Octavio is steadily improving.  Alan can never get Octavio's name right.  "Octavia!" Alan kept saying.  When I corrected him, Alan said, "You know I'm not good with names.  I can't even remember my name sometimes!"

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