Monday, July 14, 2014

Start The Week Sparring

Alan talks to John, Nick, and Ken in this photo.  John and Nick were suited up to spar.  John asked why I hadn't been sparring lately.  He thought I had been injured.  I explained that I'm usually seeing potential clients the following day.  I don't want to scare them by showing up with bruises and cuts.

Jesus and John sparred.  I didn't see much of their action, but what I did see was a bit intense.  The session tired John out.

During Ken and Nick's sparring session, Nick was really game to work.  In this shot, Ken got a right in on Nick.  Nick clapped his gloves together in a motion that said, "let's go!" and they continued on.

Joseph was a new guy who showed up at the gym.  He's the second Englishman who has been in the gym (the last person was Owen).  Joseph told me he's been playing soccer since he was very small.  "Did you watch any of the World Cup games?" he asked.  I did catch bits and pieces of several games, but I didn't see the final one which Germany won.  Alan thought Joseph had good form, and he was surprised to learn that Joseph hadn't had any previous boxing training.

Marcus (on the left) returned to the gym.  The past winter kept Marcus away and inside.  I couldn't blame him.  I wanted to hibernate, too, and for most of the season, I did.

Melinda and Geniece repeated the sparring session they had last week.  Alan tried to match Geniece up with Meg for a boxing show at the Daley Center later this week.  However, Bill at Hamlin Park later told Alan that Geniece outweighed Meg.  There's still a possibility that Nayhomee could get a match, however.

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