Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Geniece and Melinda's Sparring War

Jason plays around for the camera in this shot.

Geniece and Melinda sparred, and both of them hit hard.  Several times, they threw jabs at each other that landed simultaneously.   Their heads were being popped back, and I winched.  That sparring session was a bit of a war for three rounds.  Melinda was exhausted afterwards, but she lasted.

I sparred with Geniece next.  I was backed into the ropes many times, and once, my glove got wrapped up in the ropes.  Twice I was knocked down; the second time I thought I was going to do a full split as I tried to stop myself from hitting the canvas.  Then Geniece caught me in my left side with a bruising right hook.  She's definitely a pressure fighter.

Alan asked both Geniece and Melinda if they wanted to fight in a bout that taking place at the Daley Plaza next week.  Melinda wasn't sure, but Geniece is interested.  Boxing at Daley Plaza has been done before. This year, I'd like to see it in person.

Nick wanted to get a little revenge on Alan.  The last time they sparred, Nick ended up with a black eye. But they didn't get a chance to spar this time around.  In the photo, Alan shows Nick how to block punches.

Now my lower back is hurting.  Sigh. . .Colonel said what he always says, "getting old sucks".  I was tempted to agree with him.  It's not so much that I mind growing old.  I'm sure I'm one of few women who actually appreciates having gray hair.  What bothers me is not being able to do some things like I used to and not recovering quickly anymore from injuries.  I'm sure that body shot from Geniece is really going to bother me during work tomorrow.

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