Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Right Hook Dislocation

Alan and John watch the sparring in this photo.  Alan was no longer wearing the bandage that was on his right knee last week.  He showed John and I the two scars where the doctors went in to scope out his knee. Very small scars; it is amazing what medical technology can do.

A bit of of scare happened while Jason was sparring with Jesus.  Suddenly, Jason fell to the canvas, groaning in pain.  Alan and I were baffled.  We didn't see the punch that caused Jason to fall.  Jesus didn't hurt him, but when Jason threw a right hook, his shoulder became dislocated.  The bone popped back in, however.  Jason explained that his shoulder had done that in the past.  "The right one?  Man, I know how that feels," John said, explaining about a similar injury.

Colonel kept telling Jason to keep his hands up while he was in the ring.  In this photo, he shows Jason what he was talking about.  "Jason, are you Muhammad Ali that your hands keep down here?  Your hands have to stay up!" Colonel said.

Jesus also got in the ring with Ken.

My lower back, both of my hips, and my knees had been bothering me all day.  I didn't want to make my condition worse, so I declined to spar.  I didn't use any of the equipment, either, opting to split my time between shadow boxing and assisting during the sparring sessions.

Diana sparred with Geniece.  She learned how tough Geniece is.  Diana got some punches in, but Geniece kept moving forward, and threw some heavier punches.  Geniece really has a good ring presence.

Geniece also sparred with Liz.  Liz became tired fast, and only did one round.  "I think she took it easy on me!" Liz said afterwards.

I went by a couple of gyms over the past few days.  Box Evanston looks like a small space.  It was closed when I passed by, but I could see through the window that it has a few heavy bags and double end bags up. Body Shot Boxing Club is on the west side in a spot populated by old warehouses and factories.  The gym itself looks clean and bright on the inside.

I learned that Dominick, who's a partner in Oakley Boxing Club (formerly JABB Boxing Gym) is now in Los Angeles, promoting fights.  Two other guys -- Lalo and Carlos -- are involved in the day to day operations.  I noticed the ring has been moved back into corner, leaving an extra space where they can perhaps put another small ring in.  Otherwise, Oakley, where I hadn't been to in a couple of years, is basically the same.  I like getting a workout in from time to time in other gyms, but hopefully, I'll make some extra funds soon to do that.

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