Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Fighting Before The Fourth

Justin's uncle and cousins came by looking for him, hoping to catch him in action.  But Justin didn't come in until about 20 minutes to closing time.  Justin got in some punching time on the "Roger" bag, however.  It was too late to spar, so he didn't have another opportunity to get in the ring with Jason.

Jason sparred with Ken instead.  Jason was not turning away as much, but there was a lot of stopping in the middle of the action.  "Can't stop in the middle of a round.  Keep going," Alan ordered.  Jason didn't take as many hard hits, and Ken wasn't hit hard enough to cause bleeding.  Later Jason said, "I think I'll spar every week."

Nick was fired up and ready to go when he got into the ring with Alan.  Nick dropped his hands from time to time, and got caught up against the ropes and in the corners, but he did well.  I was surprised that Alan sparred, considering a medical procedure was done on his right knee last week.

Nayhomee sparred with Diana, and Diana had the most determined look on her face as she threw punches. Nayhomee was reaching up a lot to get head shots in.

I was finding myself backed up in corners a lot whenever Melanie threw a succession of heavy hits.  She's been out of the gym for awhile, but she hasn't forgotten how to block incoming punches, nor how to answer them.  One series of punches ended with me sitting down on the ropes.  "Hillari can't even walk, and she's boxing," Alan said as he helped me stand up.  I lasted two rounds, and I was done.

The Fourth of July holiday weekend looms.  Since I'm basically an independent business owner (even though I work with a company), I always have preparations to do, and some of them will be done over the weekend.  Tomorrow I have to see prospective clients, and that often feels like stepping into the ring for a prize fight.

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