Monday, June 30, 2014

Swimming To The Gym

I was halfway to the gym, and the sky opened up and very heavy rain came down.  I was soaked by the time I got there.  Not very many people showed up.  They must have looked outside, saw the big bolts of lighting, and changed their minds about going outside.

None of the women -- myself, Rachel, and Diane -- wanted to spar.  Justin was ready to work, so he sparred with amicable Nick first.  Alan reminded Justin to take it easy, especially considering what happened last week when Justin and Ken sparred.

That session went okay.  Then Jason decided to spar with Justin.  He used the hockey-like headgear that I have in my locker.  "Is it built like this so that punches can't get through?" he asked me.  I explained that's why Alan uses it because he needs to protect his eyes.  I soon realized why Jason was so interested in how much protection the headgear would give.  In the photo above, Justin gave Jason a hit, one of many that Jason took and did not defend himself against.  Justin could have really thrown some bombs, but he encouraged Jason to punch back.  Jason's hands weren't up enough.  Also, Jason kept turning his head and turning his back.  "Can't throw a punch then turn and not check where it's going," I said to Jason, pounding the apron of the ring for emphasis.

Alan was dressed and ready for a workout, but the coach had to limit his movements.  Alan had a medical procedure done to his knee last week, and there was a huge bandage wrapped around it.  When walking up the steps to the ring earlier to show Jason how to do a bridge exercise, Alan joked, "Hillari, help me up!"

It's still raining, and hopefully, the rain will help me sleep later.  Usually a good workout at the gym helps me rest, but I haven't been sleeping well for awhile.  Sometimes, I think I'm turning into my paternal grandmother -- napping during the earlier part of the day, then sitting up at odd hours at night.

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