Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Showing Up The Last Half Hour

The above photo shows John and Oscar from back in 2009.  I often wonder what happened to Oscar; haven't seen him for a long time.

My time in the gym was very short tonight because I participated in a focus group located in downtown Chicago.  It bumped up against gym time, so I didn't get to Loyola Park until a half-hour before closing time.  Alan asked, "Why did you come in?"  "I had to get my gear out of the locker," I explained.

Geniece and Brandy had just finished sparring as I walked in, so I can't report on what happened during their session.  Alan suited up to get in the ring with Anthony.  Anthony got some good hits in, including a right that knocked Alan's headgear around.  But Anthony kept stopping to take rests.  "I thought you stopped smoking," Alan told him.  "I did - six months ago," Anthony said.  They went for three rounds.  I stood on the apron of the ring and gave tips to Anthony.

Anthony also worked with helping Jason punch better, and you know. . .Jason did look better while hitting the punch pads.  Josh came in later than I did and started hitting the bags.  "Man, straighten those fists out.  Don't want to break the wrists," Anthony told Josh.  "Josh never listens," Alan grinned.  Anthony then held the bag for Josh to better show him how to throw his punches.

It was one of the very few times I showed up at the gym and didn't work out.  The last time that happened, I arrived at the gym from some place where I had to be dressed up with makeup on.

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