Monday, June 09, 2014

Return From South Korea

As promised, Anthony returned to the gym, and he sparred with Professor.  In the photo above, Anthony had just backed up Professor into a corner.  I didn't know that Anthony had a two year old daughter.  Judging by how he talks about her, she is the apple of her daddy's eye.

Brandy, myself, and Geniece did a round robin session of sparring.  This time, I kept my mouthpiece in without choking on it.  Good thing I did, because I took some seriously hard hits from both ladies.  Brandy pounded me on my nose, and Geniece punched me in a manner that left the right side of my neck hurting.  Anthony kept telling me, "Back her up in the corners!"  I could get Brandy in the corner a couple of times, but not Geniece.  Geniece would come roaring back, pushing up against the ropes.  She got me with a right to my face that stunned me.

Geniece breaks Brandy's guard in this photo to get a left jab in.

Another shot of Professor and Anthony sparring.  They did a couple of rounds before Anthony stopped.  I heard Professor tell Anthony he did well, considering Anthony recently stopped smoking.

A welcome face walked into the gym:  John is back from South Korea.  It was so good to see him.  He's looking for a teaching job here, and he wants to get that all straight before the end of the summer.  John will be back in the gym next week when the summer session starts.

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