Monday, June 16, 2014

A Busy Beginning

After a long day at work -- yes, I finally have a new job -- I went to the gym.  "Probably won't be that many new people", I thought, remembering that it was the first day of the summer session.  When I got there, there were only a few newbies.  Suddenly, the gym became packed with people.

When Jason asked me to throw the medicine ball at his stomach, I immediately decided that it was going to be a light workout day.  Brandy threw the ball to him instead.  I circulated around, helping as many of the new people as I could.  Rachel has trained in mixed martial arts, but she wants to learn boxing, so I worked with her for awhile.  I retrained Melinda, who hadn't been in the gym for a few years, on how to wrap her hands.  There was also a young man named Octavio who was still deciding whether or not he wanted to join. Alan let him try it out, and I checked in with Octavio often to make sure everything was okay.

Alan sparred with Geniece.  Liz, one of the newbies observed that Alan seemed to be punching back hard.  But Geniece was rolling with the punches.  "Alan's old, but Alan is slick," I told Liz.  Professor worked with Geniece on the punch mitts later.  I also used the punch mitts to work with Rachel on her jabs and crosses.

Geniece and Brandy did a burn out, followed by. . . .

Keith and Nayhomee doing the same thing.

Keith and John sparred, and they did a round robin with. . . .

. . . Martin, shown here locking horns with John.

Keith sits on the apron while watching Martin and John sparring.  John wanted to spar with me, but I was too tired.  Also, I didn't want to show up too soon at the new job sporting bruises and cuts.

Brandy and Melinda chat.

Other new people included Ken (not to be confused with Kenny), Brian, Rachel, and Nick.  I know I've missed several other names, but I will get those eventually.

I was a little worried when I saw Melinda sparring with Nayhomee.  I remember Melinda's hard punches.  But Nayhomee held her own in the ring.

Rachel and Brian share the red heavy bag.

I told John that we can spar the next time we're in the gym.  I hope I'm up for it that day.  I might participate in the Chicago Park District boxing shows this season, and I will need the practice.

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