Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Long Three Minutes

In the photo above, Antonio shadow boxes in one of the mirrors.

Weather-wise it was a nice day.  I had a very good interview in the morning, and the rest of the day was generally pleasant.  For the first time this year, I wore no coat or jacket as I made my way to the gym.  Jilberto opened the door, and the air felt cool inside.  But as I worked out, and more people came in, I became very sweaty.

Diana throws a jab at me in this photo.  She's getting better at throwing punches.  Now she has to work on covering up her mid-section.  When I couldn't get around her arms, I just went for the body.  Alan told her to use her height.  "Yeah, you're a little than me," I told her.

Our first round seemed to go on for the longest time.  "Shouldn't the bell be ringing now?" I thought to myself.  The timer was acting up again (it has a short), so it didn't ring.  Professor reset it.  Diana and I did a second round and we were very tired out.

Regardless of how tired I was, I sparred with Nayhomee.  She got in many good shots, and her punches were fast.  Alan told her that she was becoming more comfortable with me and feeling more confident.

I tried chasing Nayhomee like I did a couple of days ago when we sparred, but I quickly gave that up.  She moves constantly.  I waited for her to come to me, which is not always a good strategy.  As soon as the other boxer figures it out, they keep moving around, and they attempt to draw the other person to them.  It usually gives the other person the idea that, "Ah-ha!  The fighter across from me is tired!"  Then they start picking their shots and breaking the other person down.

Andres stopped in.  He's been going on a lot of auditions, including ones for musicals.  I didn't know that he knew how to sing.  I asked Andres if he was a tenor, and he told me he usually tells directors that he can sing high and low.  "I don't know the terms for different voices, so that's what I write down," he said.

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