Thursday, May 29, 2014

Low Energy Evening

Alan works on the "Roger" bag as Katie jumps rope in the background in this photo.  It was a very quiet time in the gym.  Only Professor, Katie, Vachel, and Nayhomee showed up.  Vachel limped in because she twisted her ankle sliding into a base while playing softball.

I had some all-day business out in the western suburbs earlier in the day.  It involved me getting up before dawn to take a three hour ride.  It also took that long to return to the city.  My boxing gear was with me, because I knew by the time I came back, it would be time to go to the gym.  But when I got there, I was too tired to do much.  I didn't spar, and I spent a lot of time sitting down.

Nayohmee and Katie sparred.  Nayhomee had to reach up to get some hits in, but she got them in.  Katie displayed some good footwork moving around the ring.

Later, Nayhomee tackled a heavy bag. . . .

. . . .as did Katie.

Nayhomee took a rest at one point.  Normally she sits inside the tire, which is funny to me because she fits inside it perfectly.

Vachel left early because of her sore ankle.  Alan also left early because he had to go pick up his car way out in the northern suburbs.  One by one, everyone else eased out until I was the last one on the premises.  I dragged myself home and laid down.  I managed to get through David Letterman's show, but before Craig Ferguson finished his opening monologue, I was knocked out.

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