Monday, May 19, 2014

My Mouthpiece Takes A Beating

I told Alan he should go to the doctor again. . .. .his elbow was swollen and looked to be filled with fluid.  Also, his foot has been giving him problems.  The foot may be experiencing residual injury from when Alan took that spectacular fall down some stairs in his home the other week.  Ah. . .the process of getting older is a trip.  Nayhomee and I sparred near the end of the evening, and I'm sitting here with a sore right shoulder, and a stiff upper back.

Keith sparred with Antonio, a new guy with some experience who joined the gym today.

I had begged off sparring earlier, so Alan matched Geniece with Kenny.  Kenny had to move quick, because Geniece was firing back and hard.  She backed Kenny up in a corner and aimed jabs and rights at his head.  Kenny quickly spun out of that situation.  He made good use of the ropes in avoiding a lot of her punches, too.

Later, I did spar with Nayhomee.  She asked Alan if it was okay to keep moving around the ring.  "Hitting people in the kidneys or in the back of the head is illegal, but it's fine to keep moving around someone," Alan smiled.  I found myself chasing Nayhomee a lot during the three rounds of sparring we did.  I spit out my mouthpiece because it was choking me, and Nayhomee kicked it to the side so Alan could get it.  "It's okay. I have to wash it out anyway," I told Alan, but he gave me a questioning look.  "Keep your mouth closed," Alan warned.

Alan rinsed the mouthpiece out and put it back in my mouth in-between rounds.  It wasn't long before I spit it out again.  I kicked it to the other side of the ring.  "She's just did that to get a rest," Alan grinned.  "No, that wasn't the reason," I said as Nayhomee and I continued to spar.  "Grab and hold her when she comes in with punches," Alan told her.  The next time I came charging in, she grabbed me and threw me to the canvas.  "Wrestling on WWE!" I thought as I went down.  "You don't have to toss her," Alan told Nayhomee.  Nayhomee apologized, and I was fine; I understood she was just trying to get me off of her.

Professor works the punch mitts with Geniece while Igor lurks in the background.  Kenny also worked the punch mitts with Jason.

Colonel was in the ring when I took this shot.

The weather is warming up this week so instead of me acting like a hermit like I have been over the past several months, I'm going to force myself to get out, get some fresh air, and begin to do more exercises outside.

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