Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Struggle Is Real

Alan thought that Andres wasn't going to be at the gym this evening, but he did arrive.  No sooner than he got there it was time for sparring, and Andres got into the ring with Martin.

They seemed to be in there for a long time.  But then Martin stopped in the middle of a round and took his gloves off.  Later he told me he needs to move around more to build up stamina.  Martin is trying hard.  I think he's not much younger than I am, and it's a struggle to work up to an acceptable level of fitness.

Immediately, Alan got the punch shield, and he and Andres worked for a few more rounds.  Colonel learned that Andres hadn't been running lately.  Later, Alan had Andres run on the beach outside the field house for a mile.  It appeared to be tough for Andres, but he got it done.

Alan held the punch shield for Jason, which in and of itself is another struggle.  Once again, I could hear Alan admonishing Jason over and over about keeping his hands up, moving around, not stopping in the middle in the round, etc.

Alicia (standing) and Renee (near the coat rack) were both in the gym.  Alicia pushes herself through her workout.  Renee hadn't been in the gym for awhile, and it's been a struggle for her to come in.

Colonel (seen here with Andres) has been struggling to keep up with his workouts.  It's a combination of health problems and old age.  But he keeps pressing on.

I was dealing with lower back pain, both knees hurting, and the usual hip pain that has been bugging me since mid-December.  Ongoing unemployment woes keep 'effing with my mindset during workouts, too.  I have six businesses going, but no major money coming in.  A friend who was laid off late last year wants to meet with me so we can put our heads together regarding getting jobs.  But I'm getting to the point of being tired of going around begging for a job from people who aren't interested in giving me a job.  "That situation has got to be depressing," Alan told me.  Yes, it is.  Everybody has some sort of struggle going on.

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