Monday, March 31, 2014

Energy In The Gym

It was the first day of the Spring session, and Alan, as seen in the photo above, came right in and began coaching the new people.

From left to right: Naomi, Stephanie, Janiece, Annette and Katie.

Colonel and Andres work the bag in this picture.  Alan commented about Andres looking tired.  Andres admitted he had been up since 6:30 AM, and he had gone running.  The plan is to lift weights tomorrow.  "I used to bench about 400 pounds", he told me.  "I wish.  I would have to work for a long time to get back up to what I used to lift," I sighed.

Keith returned for the spring session, and he and Andres sparred.  Keith looked good in the ring for someone who had been off for awhile.  A cut and swollen hand had kept Keith from exercising, but it's okay now.

Alan and Andres sparred next.  Andres caught Alan in the side with a brutal right hook.  The coach backed up quickly after the blow.  Andres asked if he was okay, and the two touched gloves, a sign that everything was cool and the sparring could continue.  "I wasn't trying to hit him that hard," Andres told me afterwards, perhaps remembering how Alan was scolding him for doing so one the last times they sparred.  The sparring session ended prematurely when Alan bent one of his wrists.  Alan then held the punch shield for Andres.

He also held the punch shield for Naomi, one of the newcomers.  Naomi reminds me of Lan, a woman who used to attend the gym years ago.  Both Naomi and Lan are about the same height and petite build.  Alan was impressed by her punches.

Stephanie and Weisz, two other newcomers, share the Roger bag.  Unfortunately, Igor is also in the picture. I have noticed that when new people come in, Igor roams all over the room, more than usual, like a canine marking spots.  Igor was knocking into people and rudely squeezing by people to not only warm up but to do a workout as well.  Did I also mention that Igor mutters to himself as well?

Professor works the punch mitts with Keith, and was very sweaty afterwards.  Vachel, who had also returned to the gym said to him, "Wow, why did you get your good clothes like that?"  "I've sweated my pants, too.  Oh, well. . . .it's laundry day," Professor said.

Stephanie, as well as Sarah, another newcomer, may be up for sparring.  I complimented Stephanie on her form, and she said it was due to be raised with a lot of boys.  Sarah came prepared with her own hand wraps and gloves; she had previously trained at a gym out south.  My hip felt a whole heck of a lot better today.  I might get back in the ring soon.

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